Nail Printer
Nail & Promo Printer   Personalised nail art. Printing on roses and small promotional items.         .  
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Clearance Sale!!
NOVEMBER CLEARANCE SALE “Valid till 10 December or While stock last” Products Sale HANNON              &nb
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Iridology & Bemer Therapy
        IRIDOLOGY A Definition of Iridology Iridology can be defined as the science of observing, studying and analyzing signs in the iris (the colored part of t
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No Specials Available

Body Logix

Introducing the ultimate system for effective body & facial contouring. Dissolves fat, tightens skin, removes cellulite, improves skin elasticity, creates smooth skin tone, accelerates tissue metabolism and promotes collagen production....
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Golden Rose Make-Up

Golden Rose  has many assets inlcuding  scientific skills , advanced techniques, conscientiousness and exceptional efficiency, constant concern for perfection, creativity and desire to innovate fostered by many international inter...
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Reshape is a weight loss programme that primarily focuses on fat loss. By using Lipolylic in combination with a very low calorie diet you will loose up to 30% more abnormally stored fat as opposed to a reduced calorie diet on its own. W...
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